Zileuton Jul 1, 2013 @ 11:49am
Does this game have an ending cinematic like the original JA2? [SPOILERS]
I beat the game twice now. The first time, after killing the queen and all the mercs I hired said their final thoughts, the wait stopwatch showed up and just stayed there seemingly forever so I end tasked the game. The second time I played the game, I just took 3 cities and then headed straight for meduna because i was tired of deidranna's troops constantly attacking the cities wiping out my militia. I was fortunate to find the queen in the throne room and after a law rocket to the face and a headshot the queen was dead. After all the congrats, the credits just rolled... no speach, no skyrider flying you out... Is this a glitch? Or is it because I never bothered to find skyrider?