fleatoad 2012년 11월 30일 오전 1시 29분
Game Crashes to desktop
This is the 5th time this has happened. I load a saved game and 20-30 seconds later the game crashes to desktop.The game is a total waste of money avoid it until they fix it.
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Swifty 2012년 12월 23일 오후 4시 25분 
Crashes for me too. Windows 7 64bit. I have reached a dead stop, game crashes every time. Waste of money.
TentacleMayor 2012년 12월 24일 오전 3시 05분 
I have Windows 7 x64 and no crash 10 hours in. Though the game does not like being minimized, and will glitch up if you do.
fleatoad 2012년 12월 25일 오전 2시 51분 
Give it time. Game was working fine for me too. Its not a random crash it crashes at the same point in my game every time.
Syöpäläinen 2013년 1월 2일 오전 7시 50분 
I got it working by disabling other displays... well needed to run it as admin and simulate win XP sp3...
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