Typhoon 2013年4月15日上午10:30
Cursor Flickering Problem?
I tried running the game on a Vaio P series ultrabook, it has Intel GMA 900 onboard. The game runs fine, but the cursor keeps flickering, sometimes it almost disappears. I tried the compability modes etc. No solution yet. Any ideas?
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Apozor 2013年8月13日上午4:41 
Have you found a solution ? I encounter the same problem. Thanks
Typhoon 2013年8月13日上午4:48 
I've run out of solutions and as you can see, nobody has an advice so I gave up.

Perhaps it's best to try it on another computer.

I haven't tried running a virtual machine (For example Windows XP) either, maybe that would work but I'm not that hardcore fan of the game anyway.
Apozor 2013年8月13日上午4:56 
Alright thanks ! I'll let you know If i find something !
Princess Gay X 2014年6月17日上午3:44 
Same problem here haha
Let's start a riot! 2014年6月17日上午6:03 
For laptops with 2 gpu, you can try to open it using the other gpu than you have set up default.
Wilq 2014年6月18日上午10:11 
For my Asus laptop with nvidia card, switching to integrated card worked well :)
ZeroEffekt 2014年10月30日下午9:06 
I have this problem inverted; when I move the cursor, the screen flickers. Like the overall sharpness/shading enhances when the cursor is moving and returns to normal when the cursor stops.
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