BOT. Canned Goods Mar 1 @ 10:53pm
Having a problem with Father Walker.
I'm trying to complete the "Rebels need food" quest. However I cannot seem to get Walker to speak after giving him 2 bottles of alcohol, friendly just flat out doesn't work. is my download corrupt?
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schepphimself May 27 @ 1:39pm 
Send IRA over there. He will act nice. Believe me. :)
Tipper Jun 20 @ 8:30am 
I have the same trouble. He gets excited about Ira, but he still doesn't help. I have her give him wine, and clicking on friendly doesn't do anything. The button depresses, but literally nothing happens.
Furtadorj Jun 20 @ 9:26pm 
You need a minimum loyalty in the city. Get the entire city and give some time if needed, and he will agree to help.
H3dgeh Jun 22 @ 9:18am 
Did you hire Dimitri before attacking Drassen? I read from some forum that if you invite Dimitri to your group before talking to father Walker, you can't complete the mission. Dimitri's supposed to join only after completing that mission, or atleast it was like that on the original Jagged Alliance 2.
Tavs Sencis Jun 27 @ 3:23am 
Yeah, got same problem...
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