ßLц Єaglё Jul 20 @ 10:46am
How to find the registration code.
Need help plox
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SomeGuy Aug 13 @ 12:07pm 
Registration code? wut?
ßLц Єaglё Aug 13 @ 12:08pm 
found it already
I see dead people x_x Aug 18 @ 10:36pm 
where is it?
Mobius372 Aug 18 @ 11:40pm 
glad im not the only one having a problem finding it...
ßLц Єaglё Aug 19 @ 6:42am 
its a bat file in the folder, just run it and it will work
I see dead people x_x Aug 19 @ 7:36pm 
it's not work.
I see dead people x_x Aug 19 @ 7:48pm 
Этот bat file пишет что не может найти путь, а затем появляется окно с запросом ключа.
d74g0n Aug 25 @ 8:34am 
The bat didn't work on m win 7 64 bit shiz, the bat contains hex info so even if it fails it ensures you cannot to anything anyways. Bummer Every other game on steam is like here is your useless reg key, this game, the one that needs that... does not ;/
Showing 1-8 of 8 comments
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