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Zekvich Aug 20, 2013 @ 9:03am
collesseum mode + chain
Anyone else find that collesseum mode is way too easy using the chain? I went from hardly making 10th round to blitzing the whole thing just by using the chain.

It is also really boring using the chain as I found out so the only issue here is the scores, I imagine everyone in the top uses chain as I placed 70 something without trying. :P

A solution would be to make the chain weaker / less range or giving the AI some way to deal with it.
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Arpogest Aug 20, 2013 @ 11:43pm 
Oh yes, even in the story chain was the key for almost every situation. Zenos should definitly learn how to evade it and then rush on you to shorten the distance. Another solution is to drain more stamina from player to limit its usage.
sere Aug 24, 2013 @ 7:28am 
chain has a very nice advantage, however, it is not the fastest way through the 50 levels of collesseum. chain also feels like an overpowered crutch to a skill level that can barely make the 10th round (no offense). if you were to open up to some of the other combat options the chain will cease being your go-to, guaranteed.
[ACE] cbordeu  [developer] Aug 24, 2013 @ 10:13am 
The juggle combos when mastered provide by far a more effective method of defeating large groups of enemies. I'm a developer, (so I'm pretty good at the game). The chain ends up being more of a tool to disperse enemies when they are too cluttered or also a way of extending attacks. But if you want to beat all 50 levels with the chain, it won't be easy, or it will be incredibly tedious since you'll pretty much have to play run-away for most of the time (the sun-moon gauntlet is actually much more 'cheap' in this regard).

You can be very aggressive in the combat if you master combos and also always use finishing blows to launch enemies against others (example: kicking with a strong attack downed enemies against others that are standing). Buy a lot of power meter also. It is cheap and much more useful as you get a hang of special attacks.
Zekvich Aug 24, 2013 @ 10:39am 
Well the problem is that the chain can hit everyone in the arena if you round them up whilst out of stamina and everyone usually dies in 5 or so hits and although the combos can kill people fast it is only vs 1 enemy where as the chain gets them all. The guns seem to stand up to the chain well but the ammo runs out quick which is good. I have tried many times without the chain and although I am no pro I can still pull off good combos and use rage meter well but I could never get past wave 15 or so but as soon as I used the chain it was a breeze.

Anyway I would love to see some high ranking video of the colleseum to see if you are right as I see it very easy to abuse the chain even if it is mind numbingly boring to use and because of that I hope you are right as I enjoy fighting with fists and would like to feel like I can stand a chance in the leader board by improving my skills with them.

Also I did do all 50 levels with using mostly the chain and it was extremely easy that way.
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sere Aug 24, 2013 @ 11:46am 
now do all 50 by always buying power shards and doing launchers. who cares how easy all 50 levels are with the chain, it's how fast you can get through them all and pacing chain swings so as to not run out of stamina sounds like a totally lame way to play for all 50 levels. difficulty by level 15 without the chain tells us you don't move very well or avoid getting hit. don't expect to get much out of the game if you make decisions like that.
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Zekvich Aug 24, 2013 @ 11:55am 
The only complaint is I haven't seen anyone kill faster without the chain and when doing the more fun option I feel there is no competitive play as killing without the chain is slow.

Launchers do not even compare to the chain in terms of effectiveness.

I enjoy the game a lot so calm down I am only pointing something out I see as a small issue and in no way breaks the game but forums are here to voice a opinion.

Oh and about the sun gauntlet, I find that item very slow and very weak damage for the effort so I rarely use it.

It is very unfortunate there is not many videos of the colleseum mode around as it is very difficult to see anyone else completing it to see how others play. Since everyone else is convinced other ways of fighting are quicker I will be trying to find out how it is possible as I am no pro.

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sere Aug 28, 2013 @ 10:45pm 
harvester is for quick switch opportunities when enemies mob it up in a cluster; it's guaranteed that just about every other round you can catch the lunar/solar cycle to damage the groups. (not all rounds will give you tightly packed groups even though every level can have a moon or sun in the sky).

chain is best left to defense because the stamina drain will set you back otherwise. when you create an opening or reset an enemy animation you yourself are almost out of breath.

golem link, get a heavy/mini-boss linked to a minion then get them to fight each other. always make sure you have an ememy linked whenever you go in swinging fists at it.

start each round with a fire arm (i like the rifle) and unload on the heavy/mini-bosses the instant they emerge.

you want launchers and you want powershards because they decrease the time to kill in melee attacks and can even spread the damage to other enemies.

spam allies, spam allies, spam allies. if anything, they keep a few extra enemies off your back when positioning for a harvester attack.

the 50 level challenge will present situations varied enough where one approach will be better than another for quickly disposing of enemies.
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Zekvich Aug 29, 2013 @ 7:27am 
Some good tips there that I will make sure to try out. I have been recently trying to complete the collesseum without much use of the chain and I to be honest am struggling to complete it. Perhaps once I have improved more I will be able to achieve a higher place on the leaderboard without chain but it seems to be taking a while.

You say to use the golem link in your post but I have trouble finding a good time to use this as whenever I put it on I end up having to switch to use something else which breaks the link.

Also I have trouble dealing with enemies that block a lot, in particular the masked long haired women, is there a way to deal with these types of enemies faster than with the chain?

Thanks for the advice so far, I do hope more collesseum maps are added in the future as I seem to enjoy that game mode more than the campaign. :P

sere Aug 29, 2013 @ 8:53am 
with the golem link, i guess i don't have problems with it because after 18 years of fps starting with quake 1.. quick switching is second nature, even in the thick of enemies.

the rest of your trouble seems to be you are not blocking and dodging + dodge punching.

if 4 hit combos are the bread and butter of ZC2's combat then the backbone is going to be dodging. you have got to dodge and dodge punch the heavy/mini-boss enemies if you want to bring them down as fast as possible with just your fists.

space = block

space + left/right = dodge

space + left/right + punch = dodge punch (can break enemy defense!)

last tip, don't forget you can time counters like in ZC1.
Zekvich Aug 29, 2013 @ 10:28am 
oh I never played ZC1 other than the demo and I use controller for this. I do dodge a lot and often sprint to get out of being surrounded and the golem link just disappears from target after weapon switch. I hope to get past round 20 at least with using mainly combos but hitting targets that are always blocking drains stamina extremely fast and when you run out of power there is not much you can do other than wait for them to swing to get a few hits in.

Oh I find companions hillarious, whenever I use them I end up killing them by accident so I tend to just get the grenade launcher and / or some bombs to try and do some heavy aoe damage to get a good start however bombs seem to be best for scattering unless you can herd the enemies into the pipes they spawn from.

a successful counter does the slow mo weak spot thing right? if so i do those quite often but the slow mo lasts really long and so I try to avoid it as it often distracts me from what was happening in the fight.
sere Aug 29, 2013 @ 3:19pm 
Originally posted by Zekvich:
Oh I find companions hillarious, whenever I use them I end up killing them by accident

takes a while to begin the routine of quickly identifying floating triangles and distinguishing allies without a focus marker.

Originally posted by Zekvich:
a successful counter does the slow mo weak spot thing right?

you activate your block during an incoming attack sequence with precise timing; their blow is deflected and you automatically counter-attack with a fast launching kick.

the slow motion spot you are thinking of is, i believe, when your attack and the enemy attack hit each other at the same time. that exclamation point is the "tie-breaker".
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