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Skeletorso Jul 6, 2013 @ 11:55pm
Theory on the "Moths" Man (Thiloc) [Minor Spoilers on the Moth Man Sidequest]
Now we all mostlikely here have met the highly Memorable Moth Man and gone though the quest. Now for those of you who haven't completed it yet, I reccomend you don't go any further as I will be going over what we learned during that sidequest).
I came up with a theory recently on him and it goes a little like this.
I'm still fairly sure he didn't originally own this house and stole it from a painter/mechanic he was originally employed by/created by. He can't use half the tools you see around the place and I'd wonder how he got the house concidering his current physical and mental state.

Things in Zeno Clash are weird, but at the same time there is a level of sense. Quick Travel points have birds on ropes used to fly you from place to place during loading screens, all the weapons you find all seem to be mechanically made based on chemical reactions and such and have visible working parts, and most of the animal races seem to have bodies adapted to their habitats. This is why I'm not going to let this be disuaded by the idea that "Oh, it's just weird and Zeno Clash, things aren't supposed to make sense."

My guess is that he was originally used as a Paint Easel by someone who either created, enslaved or hired him. This is the man who created the Mural you see and think he's working on. During having those pains so close to his nose and mouth over time, he likely learned to breath in rather than our and knock the Moth dust all over the place onto the floor. Through this he ended up sniffing Moth dust and become addicted, possibly driving out or killing his owner to try to get a fix. Maybe this is why he can't go outside (weirder things than him walk the streets albeit better clothed) is that he is wanted by the enforcers for this crime and they'd never think he'd be stupid enough to hide in the house. Police tape, forensics and a Jury system also don't seem to exists in this world either.

So yeah, that was my theory. Tell me what you think.
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[ACE] cbordeu  [developer] Jul 11, 2013 @ 11:25am 
Nice theory!

- Yes, he is a moth dust addict.

- He might be the mural's painter, but it is unlikely that he is at this point. If you give him moths you can see at mid point of progress that he painted a crappy version of him on the wall, so he doesn't seem a very skilled (or patient) painter at the moment (...maybe he's just to obsessed with his need for moth dust to concentrate). When Rimat asks him about the mural he just says that art is very complicated and that she doesn't know anything about it - but it feels more like an excuse than anything.

- He might not want to go outside because he is small and easily robbed or abused by other stronger creatures. I like you're theory that this isn't his home. :)
Skeletorso Jul 11, 2013 @ 11:55am 
Thank you for responding and making such an interesting and different game!
Poor guy, all he wanted was his moths. I don't think he killed the owner since there was no body in the house and he doesn't seem like somebody that would attack you.
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