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Impregnator 2013. máj. 4. @ de. 10:07
Dialogues aren't loud enough
Is it only my problem, or does anyone else have4 the same problem? Turned volume settings to the max and still can hardly hear anything.
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57E 2013. máj. 4. @ de. 10:42 
Same problem. Expect for Fathermother who's voice is too loud.
BUT if you mean that guy in the starting bar who has a cow's head stuck in his mouth, his almost unhearably silent mumbling voice maybe intentional.
For all other characters the voice is just tad too silent for comfort, but I can still make out what they say.

I haven't touched the gamse volume sliders mind you.
comscar 2013. máj. 4. @ du. 2:47 
for me, the entire audio is messed up.

some things like voices, will be normal, while everything else is too quiet, and other random sounds are crazy loud.
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