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Alastor Feb 8, 2014 @ 2:08am
Multiplayer Question
I couldn't seem to find much of any information on this problem. Hell I could barely find any multiplayer information period. The only thing I can ever really find is people saying they just can't connect to the host. I'm having problems even after connecting properly to a game. I can't be the only one having issues with multiplayer after connection. I've tried playing multiplayer with two different people and it's the same problem both times. It almost makes me wonder if threads about it get deleted or something.

Is there any way to fix the issue where the client can't lock-on to enemies after their first lock-on? Apparently after you lock-on once it stays locked on to them even if it's just their corpse and then you can never lock-on to anything else again. I mean I guess it would be possible to play without this feature but it's incredibly annoying not to have it. I had some other little issues here and there but this is the only one that is game breaking for me.

Anybody experience this or got any tips on it?