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MiscOne 2013年3月2日 3時54分
DayZ Sounds?
If you are in the Basement of your home the game Playin the same Sound as DayZ Ingame Oo....the same sound file?
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Lucavi 2013年3月19日 23時40分 
Yep, exactly.
Garrus Vakarian 2013年6月29日 9時50分 
i think it also has the minecraft grass steping sounds when in the forest
MiscOne 2013年7月2日 18時38分 
hahaha minecraft rly?i would rly like to know what the developer would say to that...why is that so?are they buying all from the same sound studio there sound packages?or...does he just take them.
Wizminkey 2013年7月11日 9時13分 
There are numerous massive libraries of general use sound effects available to anyone for any use. They are used in movies, TV, games, radio plays, audio books, etc. There are all sorts of funny times when the same sound crops up in different places.

I'm sure you've heard the same canned cat howl, fireball sound and others over and over again as well. Minecraft and DayZ probably sourced from the same free sound libraries, as many not-multi-million-dollar games do.
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