Toddley Mar 1, 2013 @ 7:48pm
Home review
I finished my play through of home a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to post a short review on it as I believe its getting some unfair critics from all angles.....

I for one beleived it was an excellent game for the price and throughly well made and proffesional job. Not many other games of this price range can same thing so the critics claiming its not scary or terrifying aren't looking at this game in the bigger picture of things. It *IMO* isn't meant to be scary or terrifying. What it does, and it does it well, is leave you in world of suspense and leaves you, the gamer, in control over the plot.... surely not knowing whats happening, where your going, whats happened is itself scary...... But most people don't accept a game is scary unless its packed full of jumpscares nowadays. What makes a horror game for me is its atmosphere (music, content, characters etc etc) and this game is full of it. It isn't without room for improvement though. Its levels could do with deepening and inclusion of another character or two could help but all in all a very good job.

If you guys wish to see my play through. check it out here - - -> http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLykWFhrInkdNJjGF0vMLidhTVGgIjSRMH&feature=view_all