akmelius 2013年1月17日下午2:32
Linux Version.
Are there any posibilities to port your game to Linux?
Thanks in advanced.
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iamoverrated 2013年2月10日上午10:08 
I, too, would love to know if the developers had any plans to port this to Linux.
Lestrade  [开发者] 2013年2月13日下午12:03 
Hi akmelius! Currently we don't have any plans for a Linux port.
Gannet 2013年4月6日下午6:57 
too bad
ht_ 2013年6月3日上午6:35 
Why is there no linux port? Home looks not like a game that need directX (or need it? i forgot) and it should be easy to port it. I would be hapyy, coz i bought the game and played 'bout 30 min on windows, but then i stoped (can't remeber the reason) and i want to finish it, but i don't have Windows on my Computer.
WienerWuerstel 2013年6月6日上午8:00 
Would also love this have this experience on Linux. You already plan a Version for Mac so I don't see why you shouldn't support Linux too. Like ht_ said, it doesn't look like it's a Game that would be hard to port over to Linux (especially if a Mac Port is in the Works). And as you might know there is quite a big Userbase for those Indie Games on Linux. Just look at the Humble Indie Bundles or ask any of your fellow Indie Dev's who already developed or ported Games to Linux. We Linux Gamers are here and we are ready to pay good Money for good Games.
clel 2013年10月30日上午2:34 
Rekkert 2013年10月30日上午7:56 
Same here, I would buy a Linux version.
gentakojima 2014年1月6日上午7:05 
+1 for a LInux port. Maybe there is not user base enough for it to be highly profitable, but I loved this game when I played through it some months ago, and I'd like to be able to recommend it to my Linux-users aquitances out there.
Jo 2014年2月10日下午2:03 
+1 would love to see it on Linux, too
Mascota 2014年4月18日上午5:30 
No Linux, no buy. I'm not installing Windows for "bigger" games, so I'm not installing it for yours. Please consider going crossplatform for future projects :)
Hamakei 2014年9月4日上午6:16 
☣BIOHAZARD☣ 2014年10月13日下午12:03 
+1 Please port this game!
darkjedi4393 2014年10月22日上午5:12 
引用自 Lestrade
Hi akmelius! Currently we don't have any plans for a Linux port.

What would be needed to make a Linux port happen?
DrMcCoy 2014年10月31日上午1:48 
rise against you 2014年10月31日上午5:30 
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