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Styx 2013年1月7日 5時20分
Who do I punch?
Seriously. Who do I have to find and punch to get revenge for this?
I paid all of £0.69 and I feel ripped off.
This godawful pile is now second only to The Path on my list of things I'm ashamed I bought. Why isn't there an option in Steam to un-recommend things?
Or an option to throw it away? Now I have to have this sitting in my games library forever... mocking me.
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Gribb85 2013年1月7日 13時52分 
You should try Thirty Flights of Loving, you'd really like that :D
billie337 2013年3月20日 20時51分 
chen-doge 2013年8月11日 19時50分 
Booker "Catcher" DeWitt の投稿を引用:

Really hard. In the face. Forever.
ScaRdEvilx 2013年8月12日 8時18分 
punch yourself m8
anderl99 2013年8月12日 11時09分 
No idea
shak59 2013年8月12日 11時55分 
Also try Dear Esther: the slow walking simulator :P
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