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Supplementary Van Helsing Achievement Guide
by Henry
This guide offers aid to those seeking to complete all the achievements in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. It is supplementary to the other existing guides and deals mainly with achievements that are inadequately discussed elsewhere....
Нормальный руссификатор
by Froilen
Essences - kombinations
by Soli91
Guide to combineing essences....
Reduce game size
by Storm-Atronach
How to reduce game's size from ~20GB to ~13GB...
Все достижения
by Red atmta
Получение всех достижений....
[EN] Heroic Hardcore Melee Guide + Walkthrough + Achievements
by barn4k
Hardcore Heroic Melee guide + walkthrough from clear start....
[RU] Heroic Hardcore Melee Guide + Walkthrough + Achievements
by barn4k
Прохождение игры за мили класс в героическом режиме на максимальной сложности с нуля....
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - What's in the bag / Achievement
What's in the bag? Take at least 20 pieces of loot (Gold piles included) from the Domovoy on the Gorgon Pass with a single character. Что в мешке? Добыть по крайне мере 20 частей лута, включая золото,...
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Zadania i Ciekawostki
by RiVaS**
Poradnik opisuje zadania i ciekawostki pierwszego rozdziału gry The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing...
Scenario Bosses
by Prograx
Short Guide for the Scenario Bosses....
Ranged HEROIC.... 31LV MAP??
by exmidas
Van Helsing Achievements
by KoSaJ
This short tutorial is about how to get the Van Helsing Achievements ....
Orichalcum Mines Boss [Scenario Mode]
by blacky
Since many people have no idea that you can actually kill Drill Worm in scenario mode, here is what you have to do: kill all special packs (monsters marked as red dots) loot all Dreadknecht Husk corpses both in less than 15 minutes ...
How to become a Heroic Monster!
by Kaixer
Yo All! The purpose of this guide is to show you how to become the monster, a build that makes heroic mode..easy mode, FYI my first guide take it easy on me...
Walkthrough and the secrets of Van Helsing
by d1zo
This is a general translation of a Russian language guides plus my personal additions and screenshots. Currently only half translated article. Errors, comments, additions you can leave here in English. Once again I welcome the readers of my guide! I a...
Секреты игры Ван Хельсинг
by KpeTuH
Добрый день. В данном руководстве я расскажу о секретах, пасхалках и достижениях игры....
Heroic Crit Lord! How to run around Heroic Difficulty with 2K hp and 500% crit damage, 35% crit chance.
by Vincerò
While reading through the community page for this game, I saw quite a few posts complaining about melee being too hard for Heroic difficulty. Ridiculous, here is how you do it!...
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Walkthrough Guide
by Twitch/YouTube - NukemDukem
Full Walkthrough Guide of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Easy leveling at Orichalcum mines / Халявный кач в Орихалковых шахтах
by Francis
A very easy, but very long way to leveling. Простой, но долгий способ прокачки....
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