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[General] Report a problem? How?
Hello everyone, we would like to solve all gaming difficulties all players faced and to solve them we need information as we are not expecting them or it might be a mistake our development team miss out. Therefore i am posting this to let you guys read and also to speed up the process of fixing it. I hope this will help and work effectively.

The following sections is categorize into the condition of the problem you might faced...

Section 1
The game program crashed and exit to windows

This is a major case as it made the game not playable for you, therefore we need you to post a new discussion thread on this forum tell us the following...

  • 1: Which part of the game are you at when the program crash? E.g. "Chapter 1 when i attacked the first enemy right after the intro movie clip" or "It crashed when the game is entering the main menu"

  • 2: What is the operating system your computer is running at? E.g. "Windows XP Pro" / "Windows 7" / "Windows 8"

  • 3: Did you try restarting your computer and start the game again and see if it happens again at the same exact condition?

Section 2
The Game program hanged while playing the game halfway

This is also a major case as it disrupt you from playing and therefore we need you to post a new discussion thread on this forum to tell us the following...

  • 1: Screenshot the moment or before the program hang and upload it to this forum and describe the screenshot. E.g. "My game hanged when i am entering the credits at the end of the single player mode. the following is how it looks like when it hanged."

    Note: Screenshots may only work during windows mode. Screenshot is used by pressing the printscreen button and paste(Ctrl+v) it in paint or photoshop and save it as a JPEG file.

  • 2: Is the sound still playing when the program hanged? Is there anything wrong with the sound?

  • 3: Is the program able to "pause"(escape button) and the pause menu opens up and able to close perfectly fine?

  • 4: How are you able to get out of the hanged program? E.g. "Alt+F4" or "Open up task manager to end process due to alt+F4 is unable to close it"

  • 5: What is the operating system your computer is running at? E.g. "Windows XP Pro" / "Windows 7" / "Windows 8"

Section 3
Minor bugs that does not affect the flow of the game

E.g. "A typo error in the game", "A sound did not play correctly", "An image which is not suppose to be there or suppose to be there". These are example of problems of the game which will not affect the game thus still playable. We would love to fix it to perfect the game and therefore we need you to do the following...

  • 1: Screenshot it down(if possible) and post it on this forum for us to see will be the best.

  • 2: Describe the problem or describe the screenshot if you have it.

Section 4
Additional suggestions you think it might be good for us to have it in the game

Of course, as a player you may think that adding or putting in some new stuffs into the game might make the game better and nicer to play. We would like to hear about it from you and thus make the game better if your suggestion is good. Just post them in a new discussion thread on this forum and i will definitely read it and report to the development team.


This marks the end of this post and i wish this would help you reporting a problem to me easier. :)
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Day Apr 25, 2013 @ 10:47am 
the only problem I have is the no sound at movie 5 Bug, but you've already noticed it, sorry ;)

another suggestion: make this thread pinned
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Dildaddy™ May 16, 2013 @ 8:07pm 
Well, I got a bit of a minor cutscene related gander (no pun intended).

Even though Rocketbirds moves very smoothly, never lags and is almost never has any major bugs on my Intel-based HP laptop, the cutscene quality is very poor and there is no way to change the quality. All cutscenes look like they're in 240p when the rest of the game is in 720p. However, this is a very minor bug and doesn't affect my sheer enjoyment for this awesome game.
Hmmm. That's an interesting issue. I will check it out with the developers and see what i can find to make it better.
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