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bennybnyhc 2012. dec. 15. @ du. 11:28
Where has this game been all my life
Since all that I'm seeing is neutral to negativity posts on here, let me express how friggin happy I am to have picked up this game. It blends with near perfection puzzles and shmup, it gradually increases difficulty and while frustrating is never absurd or unmanageable (at least at normal mode), the atmospheric music is simply a treat to listen to and the variety of enemies and hazards keeps you constantly on your toes. The story, while not the reason I'm playing it, is also quite good and adds some depth to what would otherwise be a very fun but shallow shooter and puzzler. I thought the voice acting was quite good too, and laughed at quite a few of the lines of dialogue between the main character and his anthropomorphic computer. I hope to see more from this company and might just buy their next game at full price to support it! (though their website seems terribly out of date and who knows what or when their next game will be, heh)

Anyone else feel me on this? I think this game deserves some love for what its unique premise, execution and generally high fun-level.
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MaximumDestroyer 2012. dec. 16. @ de. 2:45 
The game is a lot of fun, I liked the dialogs between the AI and the MC. The story isn't something hard to follow and is really predictable but it adds a lot to the game experience.
I played this game in spanish and it has some traduction mistakes.
Overall I would say the mix between a shooter and zuma is really awesome, good job to the developers
Vatinas 2012. dec. 16. @ du. 12:35 
+1, I recommend this game. It's really detailed ; and, for people who like scientific explanations, those in this game aren't that bad.
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