ashurakain 2013年6月4日下午1:25
wont turn the statue with the mirror
I have the staff, the staff has the jewel and in the slot its supposed to be in, and according the faqs, im supposed to be able to turn the statue with the mirror, but Ivo just keeps saying the same thing over and over again with no options to turn the idol. Is this a glitch if so, how do i work around it?
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ashurakain 2013年6月4日下午2:52 
ok retried that mission from the begining and its still not letting me turn the mirror, i even got the mummy to tell bout it, "fiddling with the statue" he says, and i still cant rotate the small statue in the cellar, everthing is place, ive put everthing where the should be according to all the faqs ive read and it still will not let me rotate the mirror on the statue in the cellar... SOMEBODY?!?! how do i fix this? 2013年6月9日下午3:09 
You have to place the staff in the hole first before you can turn the statue. I got stuck on that stupid puzzle too.
ashurakain 2013年6月10日下午6:07 
thats the thing, the light was beaming down already and i had the staff in the hole, i found the solution in the main site, i had to delete the demo first and a list of files, and then reinstall or verify the game cache through steam and then when reloaded the game after that i could turn the statue.

Funny game, i love the story so far.
Sheilin 2014年7月27日下午1:22 
I was thinking this was a bug too until I realized there was one thing I forgot to do. I forgot to open the window above the door outside the house. Use the staff to reach it. Once you do that and put the staff back, you get the ability to turn the statue without issue. I don't really know what you guys are talking about with the demo, I never had the demo and had the same issue until I did that. You're just missing that step.
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