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Guyom_H 2012年11月18日上午7:35
Can't launch the game
Hi, I bought this game yesterday and since then I haven't been able to play it 'cause I only get this annoying message each time I'm launching it : ***Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating. Thanks in advance for any solution. Regards
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atles1 2012年11月21日上午11:36 
I get the same error.
Angus the Cat 2012年11月21日下午3:03 
As do I. I looked up a solution, and it was to run the DirectX updater program (under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Intrusion 2), but it didnt work for me. Maybe it will work for you, and here's some info on the creator and the support:
"Hello, my name is Aleksey Abramenko.
You can contact me on all matters by:
skype: vapgames
最后由 Angus the Cat 编辑于; 2012年11月21日下午7:11
atles1 2012年11月23日下午12:13 
Thanks, but it didn't work for me either. Will see if I get a reply to the mail I sent eventually...
Guyom_H 2012年11月23日下午1:33 
Didn't work for me either too. Thank you anyway
vap  [开发者] 2012年11月27日下午2:25 
Ok, i'll look into it, seems like error occurs only in full version.
Does the demo work?
LOC 2012年11月27日下午4:18 
I had the demo installed (but not the Steam demo version) and that launched fine. I tried updating DX even though I'm toally updated etc, didn't work sadly.
Franklin:) 2012年12月1日下午10:47 
who found a solution to the problem?
LOC 2012年12月3日上午10:35 
I don't think anyone has sadly, not even the dev yet.
Nimloc 2012年12月9日下午12:26 
I dont have this game or error, but it could be something to do with your audio driver setup maybe?

A driver issue I imagine anyway. If not audio, GFX card drivers. Just a guess.
最后由 Nimloc 编辑于; 2012年12月9日下午12:28
Franklin:) 2012年12月10日上午8:43 
updated all drivers. didn't work ((
Guyom_H 2012年12月10日上午11:50 
Then we'll be waiting for an upcoming patch I guess...
Franklin:) 2012年12月11日上午9:32 
more people should write in support
vap  [开发者] 2012年12月13日上午9:09 
[L'n'S] Trouser Snake 2012年12月13日下午12:58 
Wrote to support, got an email back with the link above too, whatever was different works great, the game plays brilliantly.
Guyom_H 2012年12月14日上午5:03 
I replaced the files in my Steam directory with those from the link above, and now it works ! Thank you !
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