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Eric Cartman Jul 6, 2013 @ 7:01am
This game is very hard. I 16 times on the grabber!
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rrr598 Mar 28 @ 11:32pm 
Stuck on the Grabber? Shoot the gun first, then the front engine, then the back engine, then the cockpits.
Oh, and there are 2 others, and the final boss...
...Why, we don't speak of the M.A.C.E.
mikemike1239 Jun 19 @ 7:15pm 
im kept dying from the chick boss lol
Sabata Jul 7 @ 9:33am 
Yes it is hard but it makes fun and after some hours of training , fighting and dieing i beat the final Boss and was a good feeling to win :-D
Never Surrender!
Deathman.Kenshi Jul 30 @ 12:34pm 
Well M.A.C.E wasnt that hard (I felt that cyborg gal was more dangerous) but he used enough patterns to make fight challenging (that bullet hell he starts to use when low on health is deadly)
Well I had luck when I 1st beat him as he droped me Empty mech quite early in fight so I was able to dish serious damage to him :)
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