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JosephPlays 12 януари 2013 в 5:26 сутринта
god damm! i have tryed countless hours on this final boss to try and complete it and i NEVER do! it seems to be the only boss i had difficulty on. please, HOW do i beat him...
(p.s. really love this game, i'm just a little ticked off.)
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Serket 13 януари 2013 в 12:46 следобед 
What part are you having difficulty on specifically?
In the corridor part it's just shooting his fingers while avoiding his fireballs, I use the smg for the first wave and the double rifle for the second one.
In the building part just shoot the thumbs and when he lets go just avoid the incoming fireballs and missiles and aim for the hand, I use the same order as before, smg for the thumbs and double rifel for the hand.
In the last part just shoot the head until it dies. I use the grenades on his head until I empty my ammo, then the double rifle and then the smg. Bear in mind that the double rifle deals more damage than the smg so if you have ammo for it you should use it first. As for the smaller enemies, I use the double rifle for the mechs (try to aim for the head section, if it glows red when you hit I believe it deals more damage) and for the rolling enemies I use the smg. When it comes to the missiles use the pistol to deviate teh red ones and the blaster for the yellow ones as it deflects them in one shot and you can deflect 2 of them with one shot if you line it up right.
Hope this helps.
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Ratbarf 21 януари 2013 в 2:14 следобед 
Personally I use the blaster for the rolly ones as you can kill them rather easily without letting them fire with it. I used the SMG for all of it until I ran out of ammo and then switched to the double rifle. I found the double rifile is best for the Mechs and for deflecting the tracking rockets, as it only takes two hits and you can do a continuous line if you have to.

Also, when he jump jets away you have to raise the platforms by standing on the terminals so you can hide behind them. I lost for an hour before I figured that part out.
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