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Shard Jun 21, 2014 @ 3:06pm
I somehow can't install this game, so I'm just going to post my review here
This game would be fun. The gameplay is superb. But the interface, and the unprofessional way it was released is apalling. First of all, this game is also for Mac. It was released on the Humble Bundle as such, but they never updated the Steam page. I own it, redeemed it on steam, but I'm forced to download it on Humble Bundle and set up a shortcut. I've played it all the way through, so don't be fooled by my 0.0 hours played. Second of all, it doesn't know how to handle the mouse. The mouse cursor is constantly visible, and if you click at the borders of the screen (EVEN IN FULLSCREEN MODE) you end up moving or resizing the window. Fullscreen Mode is literally just a bigger window zoomed in.

The third thing is the absurd balance in the game. Since your lifebar is based around how many hits you take, random mooks with their blue double-shot rifles end up being able to decimate you in seconds, compared to the slower mechas that fire single shots. Many enemies have grab moves that seemingly, cannot be escaped. The game tells you to CLICK! But even as I hammered the mouse button like there was no tomorrow, the game did not even show signs of progress, leading to inescapable damage and frustrating returns to checkpoints. In a game focused on platforming, shooting, and careful dodging around a physics engine (that often traps you between rocks and enemies who chain-grab you over and over), the addition of a timed button-mashing sequence seems artificial and unneeded.

The game would be good, if there was any death in it that felt like it was your fault, and not the fault of the window resizing on you, or inevitable damage.