wildman Mar 27 @ 1:04am
[suggestion] FANBOY infantry units
great idea for a new class of unit for ROME 2: Total Flaw.

Fanboy Infantry.

These keyboard warriors are Fanatically loyal to whatever faceless corporation is currently ripping them off, no amount of mistreatment can dissuade them from justness of thier cause.

Oblivious to the truth they are prepared to risk even thier own pride and dignity on the battle field, never backing down even in the face of PURE FACT, defending to thier last breath what the rest of the world has already realised is a scam, they can never be reasoned with and REFUSE to see sense.

These units can be recruited very cheaply in fact they cost nothing and actually pay for the privelege of serving thier masters, watch as they spring to the defence of the indefensible time after time after time.

Armed with blind faith and fanatical zeal they can fight on long after most intelligent peeple have voted with thier feet and uninstalled, they persevere RELENTLESSLY thier fervour knowing no bounds, playing on despite the bugs and glaring failures of thier beloved game.

Once these troops have commited financially NOTHING can shift thier support for the brand.

They will defend thier right to be fleeced until the very end.

CLASS - melee specializing in ignorance and futility
ARMOUR - fashioned from pure denial impervious to truth, easily recognisable on the field by thier dirty knees and brown tongues
STRENGTHS - there is no liimit to the levels of humiliation and degradation these troops can be subjected to
WEAPONS - they carry a blunt instrument known as a stunted intellect
SPECIAL ABLITIES - Warcry they often shout in unison the word 'TROLL' at anyone who happens to shed light on a differing world view.
WEAKNESSES - very easily routed and they can flood the battlefield with tears of butthurt and involuntary release of urine.

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HappyCat Mar 27 @ 1:07am 
Doesn't like the game.

Goes to the forums to ♥♥♥♥♥ at people who DO like the game.

- Every idiot ever
celtic warrior Mar 27 @ 1:08am 
Originally posted by HappyCatライアン(*≧ω≦):
Doesn't like the game.

Goes to the forums to ♥♥♥♥♥ at people who DO like the game.

- Every idiot ever

Zimbi Mar 27 @ 1:09am 
Hey there buddy.

Originally posted by wildman:

Oh? I don't think so.

NOFX Mar 27 @ 1:15am 
Your an idiot
Smurfingetorix Mar 27 @ 2:32am 
The only fanatical zeal is coming from the OP.
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Spec Mar 27 @ 2:39am 
He deserves the ban, at least the other haters only direct their anger towards CA, the steam community does not deserve to be attacked for CA's mistakes.
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'Tubby-Nuts'. Mar 27 @ 2:45am 
He was that very strange person from yesterday ! spouting the same stuff. I am glad the 'Modderators' were very quick this time.
marscamulus Mar 27 @ 2:56am 
I think he went off his meds over the last couple of days. Being that angry really can't be good for you. Anyways, whilst the men in white coats are trying to sedate wildman I shall be playing the game.
Killon Syte Mar 27 @ 3:00am 

OP is hilarious and judging by the replies he hit his target
King of the Mods Mar 27 @ 3:03am 
Although I do not agree with the OP, it did make me chuckle aloud while reading it :D

He did, however, forget to mention that in the inevitable Civil War that follows, the Fanboy Legions can meet their battlefield match in the form of Hate Mobs! LOL :D
frog7 Mar 27 @ 3:06am 
LOL i think it was very Funny.
Sibbwolf Mar 27 @ 3:09am 
Originally posted by King of the Mods:
He did, however, forget to mention that in the inevitable Civil War that follows...


The OP was amusing, but yeah.. I'm sat here 'defending' from an attack. I say defending. I'm literally waiting for the time to run out as the AI isn't moving.
{sFSBz} Jonboy Mar 27 @ 3:46am 
Looks like he underestimated the fanboy's 'special ability'.
Spec Mar 27 @ 3:50am 
The odd thing is the people that call others troll more oftern are the belligerent haters from personal observations.
King of the Mods Mar 27 @ 3:55am 
Ironically it is a shame the OP was banned, as we are all getting far more entertainment from his tirade than he did! :D
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