Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Watchtower Tips
I have been trying to figure out the watch tower missions but i can't seem to find the enemies XD does anyone know how it works and all?
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it's a bit strange... sometimes i see the enemies, next time the mission is lost without them ever appearing in sight. other ppl had graphic problems with aa, solved by turning anti-aliasing off. i'll give that a try.

nope. still no enemies. only whales and sharks (first watch tower mission). worked the first time, after i restarted from scratch... no planes around and mission lost.this game is pretty buggy it seems.
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there should be airplanes coming from one direction in the first watchtower mission...
okay the first mission the planes come from the right, this happens right before the time runs out you will see two fighters, the second watchtower mission is a group of bombers
Also I can never seem to hit when the watchtower mission sends you to man an AA gun. Like the bullets pass right through without hitting. Even when I can see the tracers passing right through the enemy planes, the hits don't seem to register.
i concur to all of the above. sometimes the planes appear, sometimes not (even if you know where they will come from). and the aa-gun... funny. never managed to shoot a single plane down, but then again, i suceeded the mission, without even seeing or shooting at a plane.

ooops. got it now. it's not always the same thing. first time i had bombers, friend told me about ships and now i found recon planes. ok... missions are changing.. silly me!
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Can anybody tell me where to find the bombers in the second watchtower mission? i have turned off antialiazing, i still cant find anything, its really frustrating
Yes the bombers should come from the right. They appear close to the end of the time limit. Be prepared because you have to use the AA gun to shoot one down.
Hey MG Kelly, have you done ALL of the watchtower missions? If so, could you tell me what I should be looking for in the US Solomon Islands Watchtower mission at the beginning?
Alright this one was a tough one for me to do, but if you still need help here is how you do it.
1: aim to the left, you shoul see bad outlines of what looks like 3 towers/mountains in the distance

2: wait until around the 1:55 mark

3: aim the binoculars slightly to the right of the right tower/mountain to the point that it's not in your view anymore and search there. You have 5 seconds to find the bombers before you fail.

I will continue to do the Watch Patrol missions and, if anyone needs any help with this game still, feel free to msg me.
Old♥♥♥♥♥Bump, because the mission is still broken: The Plane I have to shoot seems to be invincible.

I tried staying on him as best as I possibly could, but he still finds his way through and makes me fail. It's impossible to continue the American campaign with this.
Bah the stupid aa-battery seems to shoot at regular and nice intervals only when the japanesse bomber has already crashed into your ship. I'm not sure if it's worse if this is intentional or not, but I'm surely not doing any other watchtower mission.
I can't shoot down the bomber as it always attacks from behind the funnel/island where I can't shoot :-(
It's a ♥♥♥♥ing war game! Why the heck do you have to add stupid minigames to it? And then I remember the previous game was crap as well, and I realize I should not be wasting time playing this.
For the Watchtower mission in the second chapter of Enterprise vs Japan, the bombers will come from around the end of the wake of the cruise off the port bow, you should be able to see a mountain in the left bottom corner of the binoculars, the planes come about one minute and ten seconds into the mission, the bomber you need to shoot it the rear one in the formation off the port bow, ahead of the cruiser
If you fail a mission don't quit, look around and try to find where the planes/ships are, then aim there and spot them about 10 seconds before you failed the mission.
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