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Escapist Games 2013年2月12日下午5:58
How to play workshop games
I have subscribed to a few games. Sorry for my sprite of sutpidity but i could not figure out how to run such games. Sorry for the incovience. Thank you.
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LukanSpellweaver 2013年2月13日上午9:46 
open game maker and click play instead of make. Also there is a play button in the IDE if you use the steam version of game maker (gussing you do since this is on steam.)
Escapist Games 2013年2月14日下午1:02 
thank you
Escapist Games 2013年2月14日下午1:34 
Feel like a dumbass turns out i downloaded construct two but went on the gamemaker forums and workshop. I have facepalmed my head so hard my skull imploded. I look even more stupid because of the fake that the PLAY button takes up half the window
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