Lonesteban  [開発者] 2012年11月15日 23時32分
Controller buttons or keyboard keys? YOU MAKE THE CALL!
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Slur 2012年11月15日 23時57分 
I believe we might be having ground-up donkey for dinner tonight...

because someone just opened up a can of kickass in 12 seconds.
radicalnetwork 2012年11月17日 5時41分 
Nice! I bought the game on Day 1 and i'm sure that i'll love it but i still haven't played it because i was waiting for the controller shortcuts, i don't like to see "press space bar" or "press Z" when i'm playing with a x360 gamepad. Good job, now i can't wait for the patch!
最近の変更はradicalnetworkが行いました; 2012年11月17日 5時42分
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