Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy
Poptheweasel100 2012年10月20日上午10:20
Why did you buy this game?
I have it on the PSP, and i love it, but the Mermory stick reader was broken, so i couldn't save. so i got this. so why did you buy this game?
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a_nevels666 2012年10月20日上午11:14 
Saw the quicklook on Giantbomb.com and heard good things about it on NeoGAF.

It's a great game.
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Radiant Escargo 2012年10月20日下午3:05 
There are several stages that aren't in the PSP version, about 10 Hero stages total. I think it's more than worth it.
demoman1971 2012年10月20日下午3:15 
1) the hands down best game on the PSP, now on PC/Steam.

2) I also consider it a vote with my money to get Half Minute Hero 2 translated.
Ujaya 2012年10月21日下午3:11 
I don't have a PSP and I really wanted this.
Kurapika-Shinji 2012年10月21日下午4:00 
For me, it's the BEST of all PSP game, with valkyria chronicles.
So having it on pc too was unmissable!

Plus, the more sell the steam version have, the more chance we have to get a translation of Hero 30 second!!!
Nameless 2012年10月22日上午1:07 
I also have the PSP version already, bought on Steam partially for the new levels, and partially to support the potential release of the second game.
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GloriousIceCube 2012年10月22日上午7:28 
I saw it by a german lets player and I liked it so I bought it
Unknownpony 2012年10月23日上午5:00 
Cus it's freaking awesome game that's why =D
Like a Bus 2012年10月24日上午7:18 
loved this game on the psp and thought it would be awesome on pc
then i found out it was on steam and bought it directly today
mario182 2012年10月24日上午11:35 
I saw it on "Soon on Steam", liked it, and then "won" it in their twitter giveaway.
cowbell 2012年10月25日下午3:51 
I didn't. I did see an LP of the Xbox version.
Marisher 2012年10月31日下午7:40 
Bought on a whim. Loving that I did.
Poptheweasel100 2012年11月1日上午10:29 
To me, its my BEST RPG of ALL TIME.
Kamarihi 2012年11月7日下午7:09 
Very very fun game that has enticed me with its cheap nature and very fast paced gameplay.
Madtrixr 2012年11月18日下午2:45 
I loved the hell out of it on PSP, but I ended up getting rid of my copy for something else(after beating it in full of course). Then I got an urge to play it after the XBOX 360 version came out. then news of the PC version hit and I knew that it would be mine one way or another. supporting the possible release of the sequel is just icing on the cake
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