Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy
JiePie Jan 15 @ 9:51am
How do I erase my save game?
I haven't touched this game for nearly a year, and I feel like playing it again. However I have progressed so far into the game I'll probably just be extremely confused and get wrecked.

I want to start again from scratch, but there's no option to remove a save file or even load a game. All I can do is start from where I left off a year ago. Reïnstalling the game didn't help.

What to do?
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lPaladinl Jan 15 @ 3:26pm 
I thought there was a way to do that in-game, but if not, try finding a save file or player file in the install folder and delete it. If you can't find it or are not sure, just delete the entire install folder and reinstall the game.

When you uninstall a game the normal way, either via Steam or an Uninstaller program, they usually leave behind files for the game, almost always a Config file for your settings, and save files.

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JiePie Jan 17 @ 1:18pm 
Deleting the (empty) game folder after uninstalling through Steam hasn't worked.

I Installed it again and the save game is still there. Could this be Steam Cloud related?
bah.Ripture Jan 30 @ 3:50am 
So I think I figured this out. JiePie is right, Steam Cloud is the reason no matter what you delete, your old save is present. I believe I found steps you can take to get a blank save.

Apparently disabling Steam Cloud and deleting your save causes HMH to crash instead of create a new save. I found another instance of someone reporting this happening and this happened to me. All we have to do is give HMH a blank save to start with.

First, make sure Steam Cloud is disabled for HMH (properties -> updates -> uncheck Enable Steam Cloud).

Second, delete the save file for HMH (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(your user number)\214830). Just delete the entire folder named "214830".

Third, restart steam in offline mode and run HMH. This will cause HMH to generate a new, blank save file.

Finally, bring steam back into online mode. HMH should now run without crashing and won't try to redownload your save file. It should use the blank file it made in offline mode.
Demaar Nov 3 @ 10:23pm 
Thanks, it worked ^^
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