chastly13 Feb 4, 2014 @ 6:26am
are they gonna fix the lag?
is just a bunch of indie flash games and has a bunch of f*cking anoying lag, GTA IV without patches runned better, don't get me wrong, some of the games are pretty cool actually but you need no lag when it comes to solve some of the levels

PS: how do I unlock the binding of Isaac? i went throgh spewer and all I got was a f*cking comic, spewer was super fun but a comic? srly?
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Leonard Feb 4, 2014 @ 6:48am 
The Binding of Isaac isn't in this game.
chastly13 Feb 4, 2014 @ 6:59am 
what? i though so, i misheard then
Pipp =) Feb 4, 2014 @ 7:19am 
What lag?
zobatch Feb 12, 2014 @ 8:54pm 
It lags because of some kind of memory leak. The longer you play the worse it gets. Just quit and launch the basement collection again and it should be back to peak speeds. (still not that great, but not unplayable and no worse than the in-browser versions).
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