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To all complaining about how Thirty Flights is pointless, terrible, etc.
Before you say anything, take these things into condisderation:
1. It's an indie game. It's supposed to be different.
2. This is a sequel to Gravity Bone, done in much the same style, no voices, confusing story, etc. Consistency is everything.
3. Noone made you use MetaScore. I personally use playthroughs and user critiques before buying any indie game.
4. It's dirt cheap. Don't use money as an excuse to complain.
5. The label "FPS" is subject. Amnesia and Minecraft are technically FPS.
6. The story was, if you aren't blind, told in short sequences, out of order. It was supposed to be confusing, but through that, enqaging and unique, as you had to peice it together. (Remember, "different")

Now, onto your various problems:
No guns: Noone promised guns or combat.
"Hipster" game: It's an indie game, like your great Minecraft was.
Over-hyped: I saw little to no "hype" about Thirty Flights.
Short game: Noone promised a Skyrim-like 300+ hours for this. It's an indie game, and if you would come out from under your C.O.D rocks, you'd realize that non-sandbox indie games are short.
Confusing*Story-telling*: If you think about the entirety of it, yes, it is confusing to piece together. But if you take it sequence by sequence, its very easy to comprehend, as long as you have half a mind.
Confusing *Story*: The story was actually very easy to see, if you've watched at least one James Bond film. You're some kind of secret agent, and the story follows as such. Wounded friend, car chases, etc.

Don't complain just because you actually had a heart and gave up 2.50 euros or $5 on an indie game, you need to see that not everything is Modern Warfare or Black Ops 2 Zombies. Try to understand and congradulate the success of indie games, as oppossed to buying the same game annually, funding the cash cows some franchises are.

Thirty Flights of Loving > Общи дискусии > Подробности за темата