gozerthecarpathian Feb 9 @ 12:16am
Can't use the left key
So... a game that, not only stays as a small tiny box, but doesn't accept mouse input OR my left key? WTF?!?
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Rocket2049 Mar 2 @ 10:25pm 
first off, ALT+enter goes fullscreen
second, my left key works fine...
Archeia Mar 14 @ 6:18am 
I have this same issue. It was working just fine and I got to the second day. My Keyboard just went bonkers. The Right key works on the title screen, Left Key is stuck on the map. Right key doesn't work. I can press left and right. This issue happened when I tried to scroll extremely fast on the map and it won't let me get off the shrine option.

And no, I don't have a controller. My tablet is not plugged in. I even unplugged my keyboard. I can't figure it out >_>;

Luckily Numlock works? It's still a pain but ergh. When I turned off Numlock it SEEMED to go back to normal. So try that?
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