kalirion Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:34pm
Guardian Day 89 O_O
That was just plain ridiculous. Ok, so I got it on second try after equipping Physical Defense, but still, so many close calls. And that's with my ultra-cheap "constant block/dodge while shooting homing missiles" strategy. Though now that I think about it, would've been easier if I'd equipped that teleport special move - but then less energy for offense.

The final boss on day 99 was a cakewalk though - easier than almost any preceding boss, aside for that attack at near the end which did something like 70% of max health - good thing wasn't hurt when it hit and was able to finish the fight quickly without seeing it again.
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Ironclaw Jun 10, 2013 @ 7:41am 
I agree: there is no way the last boss of Guadian Mode is harder than the second last boss. The only advantages it really has going for it are the counterattack skill (Tetsuzankou?) and the incredibly strong teleport smash (Silhouette Mirage->Lightning Drop?). I guess the fact that it doesn't appear in story mode makes it a little harder, but... Aside from that, it's pathetic: it has no ranged attacks, and tends to use Samurai Edge (single any-direction slash attack) in completely the wrong direction a lot. It also has less health and support than the second last boss.

The second last boss, on the other hand... Well, at least it has its own intermission? *wince*

On "that teleport special move": I treat Silhouette Mirage (the move in question) as pretty much mandatory for all bossfights, allowing me to teleport away if I almost hit guard break and block if I run out of special skill energy. If I run out of both, I have to resort to dodging.
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