Mehbah Jun 6, 2013 @ 2:46am
The game doesn't recognize the X/Square/Triangle/Circle buttons on my controller.
I'm using a PS3 controller connected with a USB cable. I'm using that Scp thing that makes your PC think the controller is a 360 controller, though I've tried without that and it doesn't help. Other games recognize all the buttons correctly.

I saw someone talking about some kind of settings file where he had to disable one controller to get another to be recognized by the game, but there aren't any such files in the Freesia Steam folder. Where can this file be found, or was that guy talking about another program?

The Accept input is currently mapped to Select. Setting everything to default doesn't change anything, and for some reason the game still thinks Select is Accept even though it's mapped to the default button (Circle) on the controller screen.

Anyone got a solution?