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Alamei Jun 2, 2013 @ 4:28pm
Skills Choices for Story Mode Level 19? (Cruel Difficulty)
Level 19 (the final vortex level) on cruel difficulty was the only level in story mode that gave me any real trouble. It was far more difficult than any of the other levels in the game (before or after), at least in my experience. I ended up continuing about 15 times on the first "half" of the level alone (having continued about 5 times the entire rest of the game, mostly from trying goofy combos). Protecting the three spread out vortexes from wave after wave of enemies is an absolute pain; as soon as you get to the golems with the single vortex, everything is perfectly manageable again.

I eventually ended up beating it using Silhouette Mirage, Tears of Sol, Shrike and Lightning Drop, but I still felt like the result was mostly luck (enemies happening to spawn closer to the side of the map I was on, allowing me to knock them down to the floor sooner). I just zipped around the three platforms using air dashes in combination with Mirage while spamming the other three abilities (depending on where I was in relation to the enemies) to knock everything off the vortex platforms. I picked Rune Soul & Regen passives so I could just ignore my HP and MP. I was around level 30 when I beat it, but had maxed all the skills from previous story run-throughs.

I focused on keeping the platforms clear rather than killing the enemies outright, since whenever I took the time to actually kill a group of enemies on one side of the map, the vortex on the other side would take a beating.

Has anyone come up with a better approach to that level, or does everyone just spam skills and pray for luck?
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Ironclaw Jun 3, 2013 @ 4:49pm 
Vortex levels on the harder difficulties frequently give me trouble as well. I haven't got to Day 19 on my second Cruel playthrough yet and it's been long enough since the first one that I have, presumably, suppressed the trauma. I'll get back to you when I get to that level again.

P.S. My skill setup is pretty similar to yours. I don't use Shrike very often, though, tending to opt for Arc Slicer or Innocent Pendulum instead. Having said that, Shrike is probably a better choice. I almost always use STR Boost instead of Rune Soul. Otherwise, our skills equipped are identical.
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Alamei Jun 3, 2013 @ 7:21pm 
With regards to the skills, the set I listed above was a set I put together solely for that level. My standard skillset is basically the same as yours, focusing on maximizing damage output. However, since I just couldn't seem to beat that level with my normal skillset, I tried switching things up.

I subbed in Shrike for my left/right skill because I wanted to be able to knock monsters off a platform from across the screen while in mid-air (so I didn't have to dash all the way over to a side platform to clear it). I normally use Peacock if I want a ranged skill, but it doesn't have the instant, guaranteed knock-back effect of Shrike.

Rune Soul was a similar decision process: I normally run one of the damage boosting skills for my second passive, but since I wasn't really focusing on killing enemies, just knocking them around, I decided being able to spam skills more often would be more beneficial.

I'll be curious to see if you find an easy way of scooting through the level. I'm not enough of a masochist to try working through it again so soon, myself.
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Ironclaw Jun 4, 2013 @ 11:13am 
No luck getting to Day 19 so far. I was stuck on Day 12 (first autumn vortex level) for a while, but beat it extremely quickly when I swapped STR Boost for Berserker (it's the splitting shots, they stop you doing anything), and now I'm stuck on Shynie... I forgot how dangerous her homing knife attack is.

I should send you a friend request so we can stop spamming the discussion board.
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