Raydere 13 ene. 2013 a las 14:43
"Bantam" skill - glitched?
The skill is described as firing a projectile that is mid-range and explodes on contact. However, when I actually fire it the following happens instead:
1. A blast appears immediately at the edge of the screen in the direction I fire it.
2. No damage happens.

I figured it was a glitch with training mode or my button assignment (I was using neutral for it), so I tried an actual stage, didn't work. Tried using forward special, didn't work either.

Maybe I'm just not using this skill correctly? Either way, I'm annoyed I wasted mana on a skill that doesn't even work.
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Rolum 14 ene. 2013 a las 10:37 
I actually thought the same thing at first, but after messing around with it I think I understand what it does. The skill does work, but the description is misleading : Basically it creates a small vortex, and if you send enemies flying into it they will take extra damage and bounce away. Since the Bantam blast disappears fairly quickly, you will need some practice to figure out the right timing.

So far it doesn't seem that useful, but I guess you can use it to make your mid-air combos longer.
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