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Jarzombek 18. kvě. 2013 v 3.07 dop.
crashes at startup (SOLVED)
I just installed the game and when I try to run it just crashes back to the desktop. I checked the game cache and nothing. I am currenty running games like crysis 2 and resident evil 6 so it can't be the computer. Anyone else with this problem?

Naposledy upravil Jarzombek; 18. kvě. 2013 v 12.05 odp.
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Greenbikerdude 18. kvě. 2013 v 3.10 dop. 
i only had one crash when i hit ESC in the credits... is there any error message?
Jarzombek 18. kvě. 2013 v 3.13 dop. 
no , not even an error message, just a black screen and it returns to steam
Suspicious Delicious 18. kvě. 2013 v 11.43 dop. 
I use to run this game before, but not anymore. Did u get an error message? like "DirectX Error: stretchrect is invalid call"
Jarzombek 18. kvě. 2013 v 11.57 dop. 
i got it to work, I pressed Alt +Enter and it started. It is not fullscreen after that. Then in the menu you set it back into fullscreen. Thanks for the help, the game is preety badass!!
Suspicious Delicious 18. kvě. 2013 v 12.02 odp. 
Thank you so much! I did Alt +Enter and now it works. And yes this game is badass.
RetroGC 1. čvn. 2013 v 8.22 dop. 
no luck here :/
Jarzombek 1. čvn. 2013 v 11.32 dop. 
try it a few times, mine would not work either. Just when the game starts press alt +enter. Than it will stay fullscreen for next time. good luck
Zobrazeno 17 z 7 komentářů
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