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LOVE IS DEAD (chocolate) 2013年5月16日 23時59分
can i rebind controls to wasd?
without using third party software.
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Thompzen 2013年5月17日 3時15分 
would like to know that too
azchocula 2013年5月17日 11時16分 
Yeah, you can. Go into the system menu, and you can remap the controls.
LOVE IS DEAD (chocolate) 2013年5月18日 22時38分 
it would seem that you are wrong. unless i was misunderstood? my question was concerning movement, not attack buttons.

overall fantastic game.
Cloud-Envy 2013年5月22日 10時04分 
I would love to rebind the keys as well. This way I could get it to work on my fight stick. As far as I can tell there is no config file, and the ingame binding is gimped. It will not let you rebind you movement keys. (not a problum for me) And only reconises 10 keyboard keys (IS A PROBLEM FOR ME). I've disided to to try to look for a keymaping program that can set profiles that rebind keys when a program runs. I wander if any one has made that yet . if not then they should.
Captain Obvious 2013年6月7日 18時44分 
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