LOVE IS DEAD 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 11:59
can i rebind controls to wasd?
without using third party software.
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Thompzen 2013. máj. 17. @ de. 3:15 
would like to know that too
azchocula 2013. máj. 17. @ de. 11:16 
Yeah, you can. Go into the system menu, and you can remap the controls.
LOVE IS DEAD 2013. máj. 18. @ du. 10:38 
it would seem that you are wrong. unless i was misunderstood? my question was concerning movement, not attack buttons.

overall fantastic game.
Cloud-Envy 2013. máj. 22. @ de. 10:04 
I would love to rebind the keys as well. This way I could get it to work on my fight stick. As far as I can tell there is no config file, and the ingame binding is gimped. It will not let you rebind you movement keys. (not a problum for me) And only reconises 10 keyboard keys (IS A PROBLEM FOR ME). I've disided to to try to look for a keymaping program that can set profiles that rebind keys when a program runs. I wander if any one has made that yet . if not then they should.
Captain Obvious 2013. jún. 7. @ du. 6:44 
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