Fairy Bloom Freesia
in a bundle for $1

in the a bundle by groupees here.
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Just bought the bundle! Looking forward to playing this.
Bought the bundle for this game, pleasantly surprised with how good it was.
Bought the bundle but was a bit undwhelmed because I expected longer levels and not just arenas to fight in.
I bought the bundle because of this game. :P
Are the other games even worth it?
Welp, that is $1 I certainly don't mind spending. Got 11 hours out of it. Money well spent, imo!
I bought the bundle as well and am a bit underwhelmed with this game. I too thought it would have longer levels and not just an arena.

Edit: It does not seem to be a bad game however, I think once in a while I will be doing some button mashing with it. Just not what I expected.

I didn't get the bundle because of this game though, so it's quite alright and one can't really complain at the price of 1$ or 5$. Overall the bundle is well worth 5$, I'm looking forward to playing Blood Bowl and Blades of Time.
Автор останньої редакції: Sharza; 20 тра 2013 о 2:21
It's worth it for the music alone!
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