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Cute Little Girl💕 2 mag 2013, ore 1:21
Anybody have a 100% save file?
I recently just reformatted and didn't backup any saves since I forgot this game didn't use cloud.

Well anyway the save is located in C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\FairyBloomRe\data\save

Can anybody with a 100% give me theirs? I really don't feel like grinding away again to get everything.
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Ironclaw 5 mag 2013, ore 6:12 
I don't have much patience for grinding either, so I don't have anything at level 99, but I can give you a save file with everything unlocked on Day 2 if that would help.
Or my entire save folder.
Cute Little Girl💕 5 mag 2013, ore 14:08 
whatever would help. It feels so awkward playing this without being able to do combos.
Ironclaw 10 mag 2013, ore 16:18 
Hah, yes, I had the same problem going into Guardian Mode after Story Mode.
Sorry for the slow response; I've uploaded my save folder here, I think, if you still need it. {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO}http://www.mediafire.com/?n68doebkof2g7e6
Cute Little Girl💕 10 mag 2013, ore 16:54 
Thanks for the reply, im going to give you save a try :)
Ironclaw 11 mag 2013, ore 8:07 
No problem, good luck with the smacking.
toby7ten 14 nov 2013, ore 12:08 
Thank you so much.. This fixed my broken achievements. None of them (or the Steam overlay) were working after the second time I booted this game. I got mine in-game but whenever I restarted it only saved the ones from the first time I played. Works fine with your save file.
Ironclaw 14 nov 2013, ore 20:53 
Glad it helped, I guess. I had no idea that it would. I don't think that save has all the achievements, though, just guardian mode and story mode complete.
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