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Ironclaw 2013年3月14日 8時01分
Unlockable Character?
Okay, so I'm really curious about this. Is there a secret playable character in Fairy Bloom Freesia? I've checked most of the rest of the discussions, and from what I can gather Plum is not unlockable but the final boss of Guardian Mode is. However, I've beaten Guardian Mode and Cruel, and I haven't seen any signs of this being the case. Do you need all 50 awards? Is Freesia actually the only playable character? Or am I just missing a character selection screen somewhere?
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Smbrr might or might not be drun 2013年5月14日 15時00分 
I'd like to know about that too. The second I met Plum I immediately told myself "damn, can't wait to unlock her", as japanese games usually work like that.
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Ironclaw 2013年5月14日 16時24分 
Since I'm evidently not the only person who cares, I'll link the only relevant threads I managed to find:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/214590/discussions/0/864950181837963976/ (TL;DR according to Nyu, Plum isn't playable. Sadface)
http://steamcommunity.com/app/214590/discussions/0/864949037785382764/ (TL;DR according to some guy, there is another unlockable character in the gallery)

If anyone knows what the requirement is for the latter (Dark Freesia), please share.
Edit: Nope, I have no idea. I've beaten Guardian Mode, I've beaten Cruel. I haven't beaten Easy. Do I need to?
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Alamei 2013年6月4日 9時16分 
There are no unlockable characters in this game, at least as of this date. Any videos you see of people playing non-Freesia characters are just mods.

The only unlock that beating Guardian Mode provides is a Character view in the gallery, which gives you the ability to see a 3D rotatable view of all the characters models, including the final Guardian Mode boss.
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Ironclaw 2013年6月4日 9時40分 
Thank you for confirming that. You'd think the final Guardian Mode boss would be playable, given that all the animations and effects are already there, but oh well.
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