Ironclaw 2013. márc. 14. @ de. 8:01
Unlockable Character?
Okay, so I'm really curious about this. Is there a secret playable character in Fairy Bloom Freesia? I've checked most of the rest of the discussions, and from what I can gather Plum is not unlockable but the final boss of Guardian Mode is. However, I've beaten Guardian Mode and Cruel, and I haven't seen any signs of this being the case. Do you need all 50 awards? Is Freesia actually the only playable character? Or am I just missing a character selection screen somewhere?
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Smbrr 2013. máj. 14. @ du. 3:00 
I'd like to know about that too. The second I met Plum I immediately told myself "damn, can't wait to unlock her", as japanese games usually work like that.
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Ironclaw 2013. máj. 14. @ du. 4:24 
Since I'm evidently not the only person who cares, I'll link the only relevant threads I managed to find: (TL;DR according to Nyu, Plum isn't playable. Sadface) (TL;DR according to some guy, there is another unlockable character in the gallery)

If anyone knows what the requirement is for the latter (Dark Freesia), please share.
Edit: Nope, I have no idea. I've beaten Guardian Mode, I've beaten Cruel. I haven't beaten Easy. Do I need to?
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Alamei 2013. jún. 4. @ de. 9:16 
There are no unlockable characters in this game, at least as of this date. Any videos you see of people playing non-Freesia characters are just mods.

The only unlock that beating Guardian Mode provides is a Character view in the gallery, which gives you the ability to see a 3D rotatable view of all the characters models, including the final Guardian Mode boss.
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Ironclaw 2013. jún. 4. @ de. 9:40 
Thank you for confirming that. You'd think the final Guardian Mode boss would be playable, given that all the animations and effects are already there, but oh well.
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