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Mark of the Ninja

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Dual Monitor issue
I bought the game last night and am really enjoying it but am encountering an issue that is slightly annoying.

This generally occurs when I get into hand to hand fight with a guard because of my poor sneaking abilities.

When I move the mouse around to dodge and attack, the mouse pointer will move off the full screen onto my other monitor and cause the computer to switch tasks and minimize the game screen, but continue playing without me (ie the guard kill me while I'm not on the screen).

- pause game when focus is lost
- don't minimize screen when switching monitors (possibly out of your control)
- force the mouse to stay within the window, and only allow task switching with alt-tab or similar.

Cheers great game so far otherwise. (about 3 cut screens in)
Dernière modification de gollumullog; 17 oct. 2012 à 10h49
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Encountering the same issue, a game like this should really capture the mouse imo.
Aside from this I'm really enjoying the game so far though :)
Dernière modification de River; 17 oct. 2012 à 10h10
Same problem here, its not too much of a big deal to me though.
Dernière modification de Wrek N9ne; 17 oct. 2012 à 13h06
FYI, we're looking into seeing if there's something we can do to make this less irksome.
Cheers thanks Nels!
Great news :)
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