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Voyle Sep 16, 2012 @ 8:04am
[Guide] BP System and Tower Breaking Points
BP System

The way the BP System works, is units start to accumulate battle points as soon as they pass the chalk outline on the ground below the "To Battle!" sign. The first 10 seconds the unit is alive they earn the most BP per second, and then it starts to decline linearly over 40 seconds (50 seconds total time units are earning BP).

This can be very important when designing the shape and tower density of your mazes, as the first 10 seconds are the most important. I have put some key points on the following list but the entire list can be found on my spreadsheet[].
  • 7.5 Seconds - 25% Total BP - FS (Full Speed) 6 Hexes into your maze - NS (No Speed) 5 Hexes into your maze
  • 10 Seconds - 34% Total BP - FS 7.7 Hexes - NS 6.7 Hexes
  • 15 Seconds - 50% Total BP - FS 11.5 Hexes - NS 10 Hexes
  • 25 Seconds - 75% Total BP - FS 19.5 Hexes - NS 16.7 Hexes
  • 34 Seconds - 90% Total BP - FS 26 Hexes - NS 22.7 Hexes
  • 50 Seconds - 100% Total BP - FS 38 Hexes - NS 33 Hexes
The first 10 hexes are the most important to defend, as the give the enemy half of their total BP. This includes the 2 before you can build when the enemy has no speed upgrades, but for sake of simplicity if you think they have those upgrades then just count 10 hexes and you should be around even. After those 10 hexes, they have ~25 more hexes to earn the other 50% of their battle points, so it is less important to kill units further through your maze.

What this means to you is you should concentrate your expensive and fully upgraded towers at the front of your maze and only have level 1 towers scatterred throughout the rest of your maze, then use your gold savings to beef up the front of your maze even further.

If you decide to use fans near the front, please note it does not give you "more time" to kill them before the 10th hex, the fan subtracts 1/2/3.5 hexes (Level 1/2/3) from the above numbers.

Tower Breaking Points

Along the same lines as the above you may have noticed that some times your units get completely destroyed whereas the previous wave they were making it 2-3 hexes further. This is caused by tower breaking points. Often in this game towers will overkill the front unit and the next unit in line benefits, in early game it can be very advantageous to build your towers in such a way that they evenly divide into the enemies health or as close to that as you can.

I'll start off with some facts about level 0 Moopsy, he has 150 health, what this means to you is it takes:
  • 10 Level 1 arrow towers (15 damage per shot) to one shot a moopsy - 0.75 Cooldown
  • 9 Level 2 arrow towers (17.5 damage per shot) - 0.70 CD
  • 8 Level 3 arrow tower (19.5 damage per shot) - 0.65 CD
The difference between 4 level 1 arrow towers (3 volleys per moopsy) and 5 level 1 arrow towers (2 volleys per moopsy) is not 1 arrow tower, that additional tower increases your total maze dps by 33% rather than 25%. Building in such a way that will quickly kill the enemy units can give you a significant advantage.

You might be asking yourself, why compare 4 arrow and 5 arrow towers? This is the difference between sending 175g worth of moopsies and 200g worth of moopsies (or 225 and 250 on warcicle). Your advantage of having another moopsy is lost within the first 6 seconds because you could not afford another arrow tower fast enough.

Following this logic into the second wave, you want your maze to have up to 10 arrow towers very close to the start, this is easiest if you can build arrows on both sides of the maze entrance and you should start considering this when planning out your maze shape.

If your enemy upgrades his moopsies to level 1 to counter your 1 shot strategy, the following table could be helpful:
  • 14 Level 1 arrow towers (15 damage per shot) to one shot a moopsy - 0.75 Cooldown
  • 12 Level 2 arrow towers (17.5 damage per shot) - 0.70 CD
  • 11 Level 3 arrow tower (19.5 damage per shot) - 0.65 CD
Your main advantage to upgrading your arrow towers rather than building more of them is the reduced cooldown from 0.75 to 0.65, this fraction of a second per moopsy can add up when they are sending full waves of units. However, it does you very little good to upgrade 3 towers for example, because the moopsy will still only die by the slowest firing rate tower. This makes it important to upgrade in divisible numbers of the above breakevens, if you want to set your opponent back further.
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Blizzie Sep 16, 2012 @ 8:11pm 
Good stuff here.. giving away those starting game secrets are you now :)
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{Frog}{of}{War} Nov 2, 2013 @ 5:25am 
Awesome! Very helpful
zetthen Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
@ Devs: Can you make this post sticky? I have searched for this to teach new players how to think in terms of BP and it would be great if it could be renamed [guide] and stickied..
Ar-Pharazon Nov 4, 2013 @ 10:29am 
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