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[SVS] Ghetz  [developer] Sep 10, 2012 @ 12:25pm
Tower Wars, A Brief Guide
Hello, and welcome to Tower Wars!

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Our tutorial and help sections of the game are still as of yet incomplete, so I’ve put together this quick guide to get you started!

The Basics
Tower Wars is a game of attack and defend. The basic premise is that you build a maze in which enemies will follow and try to take the shortest route to your CASTLE. You also send units that take the shortest route to your enemy’s CASTLE.

The Maps and Structures
Each map is symmetrical. Each team has the same size/shape playfield as the other. There are 3 important interactive structures in the game aside from the towers. Each team has a CASTLE, BARRACKS, and three MINES.

CASTLE - This is the structure you are trying to keep alive. It has some defenses that can be upgraded by clicking on the CASTLE. If the health of this structure reaches 0, the game is over and you lose.

BARRACKS - This is where your UNITS come from. It has several upgrades that directly affect your UNITS. These upgrades can be purchased by clicking on the BARRACKS.

MINES - This is your main source of GOLD. You can click on each individual MINE to purchase MINERS, upgrade the MINE, then eventually upgrade the MINERS as well. MINE placement is randomly generated before each map, so each time you play you may have to adjust your strategy in order to work around them.

There are two types of currency in the game: GOLD and BP (Battle Points). GOLD is acquired via your MINES and killing enemy UNITS, and BP is acquired by sending UNITS into battle. Once a UNIT crosses the TO BATTLE line, he or she begins gaining BP. This UNIT will gain BP (up to a set limit) until they die. In order to get the most BP, you should send UNITS often, and try to keep them upgraded enough to survive as long as possible.

TOWERS are your main defenses. TOWERS are placed on any hex by holding left-click, then choosing a tower from the radial menu, and letting go. If a TOWER requires a direction to be set, you will have to turn the TOWER, then click again to place it. It is impossible to block enemy units, so plan your maze carefully. You can also upgrade or sell each individual TOWER.

The game begins with only the single weakest UNIT available to you. You can unlock and upgrade UNITS via the UNIT TREE by click on the UNIT TREE icon on the HUD. UNITS can be queued by clicking on their icons, or clicking and dragging. You can rearrange your queue by dragging UNITS around in the queue as well. Launch UNITS by pressing the launch button on the HUD.

Final Note
There is a lot not covered here, but that's a quick rundown of the core mechanics. Feel free to post if you have any questions or comments about how to play! I’m looking forward to see what strategies you guys come up with!
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