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Please save the game
Nowadays I found nobody on my level, I really don't and it is kinda frustrating. Half of my matches are against the top 10, the other half are against players like 1000 scores.
I am hoping for the best with mac pool and new maps, but without middle-range players, I think the new ones will quit soon.
I think the reset was horrible idea.

I think you should consider to add some (optional) range limit. A game with players +/-60/70 scores are usually good. I would rather wait half an hour than play 4 bad matches.

Other idea is (optional) handicaped (balanced) match, I think +25 starting gold for each 100 point difference sounds good for me, but this is your task to measure it up :) In this case of course the score chance will be somehow +/- 7 scores.

Other idea is a reject game option. Maybe with a score punishment. This would clear the dodge problem.

Other thing is I really dislike the "wait and counter-attack" start, I know how to counter it, but it is a good strategy. If both players does this, it kills the game.

My last problem are peptos in castle, I think they are incredibly strong, but that is part of the game.

As I mentioned several times, I love the game, I don't want to quit, but in this way this is bad and sad.
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El Chihuahua May 3, 2013 @ 1:19am 
Other idea is (optional) handicaped (balanced) match, I think. +25 starting gold for each 100 point difference sounds good for me, but this is your task to measure it up :) In this case of course the score chance will be somehow +/- 7 scores.

God helps us! I can already imagine QoOQ coming back with 500 gold more than you :D May 3, 2013 @ 1:24am 
thx bro', you've made my day :D May 7, 2013 @ 9:18pm 
No reactions?

Since then I had a few really good games, but not too much.

The more I think about it, the more I like the balanced game idea. That would give some meaning to the rate difference. Now the better player's score keeps going up. Before the reset it was over 2000. After this would be done (and used by enough players) then it would stabilize the scores, I think. +25 starting gold for each 100 point difference sounds still good for me. Or more precisely +1 starting gold for each 4 point difference. What's you opinion about this (and the other things)?

Of course the whole thing should be optional.

If you are afraid of that it messes up the leaderboard, then it can be separete leaderboards to balanced games. I think it would help the leaderboard but there is always someone who doesn't like the new thing.

I have spoken enough, no more words about it :)

Hoping for the best! Great game!
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Let me ask, what about the new maps? Jun 10, 2013 @ 11:14pm 
Last chance, if nothing happens I am going to quit.

The game is great or at least it used to be, but something went wrong. Nowadays it causes much more frustration than fun.
- Lack of mid-range player
-- 3 out of 4 matches is not a good game.
- Long wait time
- Crashes
- Error 7
- Bugs
-- the newest one is that sometimes you can't build on a cell that had a tower on it previously.
- Lag
- Lack of support from developers. Even poor replies from them on forum.
- Unplayable new map

Yesterday a had a game against a player with 1600 scores. He surrendered after 3 sec, probably I was too easy for him. I feel the same with players like 1100 scores, or even more against players with 850 scores. It is a waste of time not fun. I don't bother the scores too much but it is a pretty good measure. Why are we forced to play against player far from our level? Why is a problem to have a symmetric (+/-) score limit? Why the balanced game option is that bad? Why is a bad idea to cross out some maps? I really don't like one of them, but I would be happy to play on the others.

In 2v2 you hardly find a match and playing with random buddies is a horror. Nowadays I had one match (after a very long wait) where both of my opponents was much better than me and my teammate had about 900 scores. The only thing he was doing was ruining our maze. Why not the best player was matched up with the worst?

I am affraid the project is abandoned and dying.
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Pach Jun 18, 2013 @ 7:29pm 
angel: love your idea of weighted/handicapped matches.

I really love this game, but there's little to no room for 'casual' players. A handicap would give lower players a chance to actually play a fun game, instead of getting slaughtered and rage-quitting as soon as knights come out.

That's one of my frustrations with the game, too: too often, the game is decided in the first 2-3 minutes, and there is no mechanic to "catch up". Once one person gets that slight edge over the other, it's like sliding down a slope: it will just keep going further and faster in that persons favor, and everyone knows how it's going to go. Unless you have two well-matched people (which is rare), the games are extremely one-sided.

I occassionally go into the "unranked" queue, to see if I can get a game. Sometimes I get one, sometimes not.
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