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What I was never told. The basics.
by ThePetRock
This is just a list of the basics for this game. Take it or leave it. Photo credit: ...
I Am Alive - Русификатор
by |Fioh| BiOS
☠ Все что осталось от Чикаго – это руины. Никто не знает, почему на город обрушилась катастрофа. Всех, кто остался в живых, в том числе и гл...
Tips and tricks
by Darude
Tips and tricks too help you better survive the ruins of the city......
How to fix mouse lag and flashing textures (solution).
by \\\Papryg_dNb///
For mouse lag: delete all devices in device manager in HID section which begins with "HID" letters. Just delete. (I suppose that game trying to find any gamepads and you see mouse lag at these moments) For flashing shadows and textures: install GeForce 3...