Divine Divinity

Divine Divinity

_Pax_ Feb 20, 2014 @ 1:28pm
Mardaneus The Wanderer
When I played thru the game the 1st few times (on Easy then Normal) Mardaneus stayed in his house. But now I'm playing on Hard and suddenly he's become a wanderer. He wandered right out the gates and is now half-way to the teleporter. Thank goodness I cleared the map of baddies before he started his trek, so he should be safe. Is his wandering, even out the gate and into the wild, normal? If so, is it possible he could be killed, breaking the Council Quest?

The reason I'm afraid he could be killed is because I happened past the undertaker's place in Rivertown right after he'd been killed by snakes (which I killed), so baddies do seem to attack good-aligned NPCs. Even though his body wasn't there, though dropped loot was, he never respawned.
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Raze_Larian Feb 20, 2014 @ 5:12pm 
No, wandering right out the gate is unusual. Mardaneus can hide in his house by a wall and not show up until you get close (same for Janus in his room in the castle). The dwarven council member can hide in or near the house south of the axe monument, but has been known to wander around the dwarven village.

I don't think Mardaneus can be killed (some quest related NPCs are protected, but not all). The council quest should reset his location.

It is possible to change Mardaneus' location manually (I'm assuming you are not playing a mage character, that can simply swap places with him repeatedly) by hex editing a file in the save folder (see Reviving dead NPCs[www.larian.com]).
_Pax_ Feb 20, 2014 @ 7:12pm 
Thanks, Raze. Thought his wandering was strange. I'm playing a Battle-Mage that started as a Warrior, but not sure which spell allows me to swap places with an NPC. Do I have to start as a Mage in order to have that ability? Still have my Mage char, just got flustered by the saving Zandalor quest and put him on ice. Found your reply with the solution of using Shadow Potions, just find that route unsatisfying. Guess I'm a fighter at heart.

Don't do hex editing, and there's no need to bother you with it. As long as Mardaneus resets for the Council Quest there's no real problem.
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Raze_Larian Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:29pm 
Yes, you would have had to start with a mage character; their special move is to swap places with an NPC (can be used on friendly NPCs or during combat).
_Pax_ Feb 21, 2014 @ 6:26am 
ahHAH! Thanks again, Raze, another mystery solved, ashamed to admit I've never used the Special Move with any char. Can a Mage use their Special Move within the castle?
Raze_Larian Feb 21, 2014 @ 1:38pm 
No, the wizard's special move can not be used in the castle (the warrior's spin attack can; didn't try the survivor's Sneak special move).
_Pax_ Feb 21, 2014 @ 1:57pm 
Was afraid of that, since I reloaded my Mage and saw his Special was under the Spells. Sneak... HEY! No, wait, it uses MPs, doesn't it, wouldn't that be a problem in the castle?

Am I wrong in assuming that if you start as a Warrior your Mage abilities are handicapped, and if you start as a Mage your Warrior abilities are handicapped? Magic arrows don't seem to work nearly as well for my Warrior as they did for my Mage, and my Mage does lousy melee damage, even with a respectable sword.

So far Warrior build with magic assist seems to work best for me. Never tried Thief.
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Raze_Larian Feb 21, 2014 @ 2:29pm 
The survivor's Sneak ability is stamina based, rather than mana, as used by the Fade From Sight spell. The spell is blocked in the castle, but the survivor's ability is not (just checked).

There are differences between classes[www.larian.com] (minor spoilers), even though there are no restrictions on how you build your character. Much of that information is also in the non-spoiler version of the Early Starter Tips[www.larian.com] topic.
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_Pax_ Feb 21, 2014 @ 3:18pm 
Great! Thanks! Thanks for all the info, Raze, you're a real help. :)
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