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eTxZombie 2012年12月16日上午10:10
Looks like I just missed it.
It's weird. One the steam homepage, it says $3.39. Then, when I clicked the ad, it still said it was $3.39. When I clicked to buy, my cart said $9.99. So I cancelled the purchase, backed out, and looked at the sale timer, which said 00:00:00 left. That really sucks, cause I guess I JUST missed it. Was gonna buy this one for my kid. Any chance of it going back on sale by xmas?
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Draumeland 2012年12月16日下午12:17 
Lucky ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Devastator 2013年7月13日下午9:45 
its on sale for $2.5 ...but still debating if its worth it...and my time...
VeTaL 2013年7月19日下午4:32 
Yep, this one is quite nice.
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