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(Toriningen) 2013年10月6日下午10:41
Can someone explain the DLC to me?
There are so many, what does what!?
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Best Protagonist 2013年10月6日下午11:07 
Foils: Makes your cards shiny, cosmetic only
Keys: Unlocks all cards for a deck, convience dlc that stops you from having to play 30 games per deck to get all cards. I don't suggest buying it because you get a better feel for a deck when you are limited in the card selection.
Slots: Lets you get more sealed game slots so you can open more packs and create more decks, great if you enjoy playing sealed.
Expansion: Several NEW decks, campaign missions and challanges, usually worth five bucks.

also buying a key for an expansion deck does not unlock the deck if you don't have the expansion.

Hope this helps
Erretter 2013年10月7日上午1:02 
Thanks I was also wondering what those DLC do. Perfectly explained :D
(Toriningen) 2013年10月7日上午1:27 
Does the DLC include 3 vs 1?
Best Protagonist 2013年10月7日上午8:13 
sadly no, that was exclusive to magic 2012
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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