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Lee Dec 17, 2013 @ 6:52am
[bug report] Game freezes
Hi. I have so many game freezes these days. Four of my last six matches froze. This bug occurs mostly (or only?) when there are A.I.s in the game and normally right in the middle of a player's turn like at the end of the first main phase. It is so annoying. I almost don't even want to play DotP any more since there is no fun in playing when the majority of the games is a technical lose for both teams.
Sometimes the glitch fixes itself when one or more players leave. Maybe the "right" person has to quit the game. Whoever this may be.

Please fix this asap.

Maybe other players with same experiences can paste the exact moment when this bug appeared (like what was the last step right before the bug happened or what was the current effect being chosen or calculated) and also whether A.I.s were involved in the match or now.

PS: Since I play every match to it's end no matter how many players have left I might get this bug more frequently than mid-game leavers.
PPS: Just noticed that I didn't even describe the freezes (me stupid). It's not a total game freeze like you have to quit the game via windows but the match just doesn't progress. You can still click the continue button but it has no effect on anything. And you can use creature abilities until all your mana is used up. At the end you can't do anything else but leave the match.
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Kithkin Dec 18, 2013 @ 3:52pm 
Go to your video card panel and "vsync = ON". That did the trick for me.
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